Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Love Letter to My Husband Family

A love letter written yesterday on our nine year wedding anniversary:

Nine years ago today The Husband and I traipsed through a hayfield in Greenfield, Tennessee, and surrounded by autumn trees and our family we said the vows that have held us together since.

This anniversary is momentous.

We are no longer just a couple, we're a family, joined by a blood bond.

Our lives are little more than work and stolen moments together, but somehow it is more fulfilling. The domestic rhythm of our lives now centers on our little girl and somehow with her we work together better.

I awake early and nurse the baby, The Husband awakes and gathers bottles and changes and dresses our wiggly baby while I get ready. We part ways, kiss and say our "have a good days." We work, then return home, sometimes we can catch a few minutes before The Husband runs off to his second job. Every once in awhile Evie looks at the door expectantly and then looks at me. I spend the evenings with her missing Daddy, eating messy dinners, playing, avoiding monsoons at bath time, and finally bedtime stories, cuddles, and nursing, and then I pass out once she's asleep, but with one eye open waiting for a middle of the night homecoming. Then it begins again each day; we wait for the weekends and Tuesday nights to have Daddy home. Our days blur together and all of a sudden we sit down in a rare quiet moment and we realize that it has been nine years that we've loved and in only another five days it will be nine months that we've loved our little girl.

After nine years we're finally grown-ups, although it doesn't always feel that way. We have A Family. A Happy Little Family. We collapse into bed after long days to the sounds on a baby monitor and somehow it is peaceful.

We still have our little fights, neither one of us thinks the other does enough because frankly there isn't enough of us to go around. We sometimes snap at each other and we sometimes get angry, but mostly we are Happy. We always come back to the love that pulled us together more than a decade ago and the love that tied our knot nine long but oh so short years ago.

Ah, Domestic Bliss.

I love you Husband, and I love our Family.

October 26, 2002

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