Friday, August 5, 2011

Genetics, Part 3

Miss Evelyn Kay has grown so much in the past six months of her life. I look at the first few photographs of her life and am astounded by how little she was. She is no longer a newborn.

Evelyn Kay the first week of life, photographs by Chelsea Taylor
One of the most exciting things is watching who she becomes. Not just who she resembles, but also whose character has entered her little heart.

Her little soul and personality already shine through so brightly. Fitting as Evelyn means light. Kay means pure. She truly is a pure shining light in our lives, too. This little girl is full of so much joy and laughter. She laughs most of the day, laughs at every thing, engages every one she meets, joins in every conversation, and makes friends with every one. People and other babies are drawn to Evelyn Kay.  Her happiness is infectious.

If you know my family it may sound like I'm describing someone else, not just Evie. If you know my family you also know the person I've always loved most in this world (until Evie) is my sister, Chelsea. Well, even if you don't know us, if you're a reader you know about our sisterhood.

My favorite thing about Evie isn't her brilliant blue eyes, or her cute little toes, it's the tremendous amount of joy and love for the world bundled up inside of her. She didn't get that from me or her dad, she got it from Chels. (My dad, her grandpa, would interrupt me here and point out that Chelsea isn't an original and that she got it from his mother, Evelyn).

Evelyn Kay's great-grandmother, my father's mother Evelyn demonstrating the joy of life she gave to my daughter
Chelsea is my little sister, but I look up to her (insert sarcastic comment about her towering over me here). I aspire to her happiness. I am so thankful those genes wiggled over to my daughter.

Now call me selfish but as Evie Kay has gotten older I've been delighted to see those glimmers of my side of the family instead of just TIM, TIM, TIM. She is truly his mini-me, but lately I see not so much of myself but Chelsea. I always see my sister in those moments of joy, the laughs and the smiling eyes. It is so exciting to see some of my family's physical traits manifesting in Evie.

Those smiling eyes, that's what gets to me I think. Here is a perfect example of my sister's smiling eyes.
Chelsea just about a year ago on her wedding day, August 7, 2010 (photograph by Henry Photography)
But if you look deeper nowadays it isn't just the smiling eyes that are remniscent of Chelsea, there is something about her mouth when she smiles. It is truly when she smiles at the depth of her happiness that Evie conjures up her aunt and (fairy) godmother. I think she looks much more like Chelsea than myself. You can't tell from these photographs necessarily, but Evelyn is a very long (tall?) baby, taking after Chelsea's height I suppose (certainly not mine).

Top row: Chelsea, Evelyn, Evelyn, Bottom row: Chelsea and myself, Evelyn, Evelyn
Here's what is interesting though, those smiling eyes that Chelsea and Evie have are the perfect combination of my Mom and my Dad's eyes. All of these people and all of Tim's family...that is what has produced this perfect little girl. Look at this picture of my parents and Chelsea and see how their eyes made hers.
My father Ron, sister Chelsea, and mother Katrina (by Henry Photography)

But the depth of Evelyn's joy isn't from the eyes that light up a room, it's from some place much deeper. Something in her already drives her to talk to every one and makes friends with every one she meets. That is so my sister. They spread sunshine every where they go.

Now how is it that Evie Kay resembles Chelsea? My sister resembles me, yet I can't see myself in Evie? My theory is this - I think I favor my mother a bit more than my father and Chelsea favors my father more than my mother.

Left: Dad and Chelsea, Top right: Chelsea and Dad, Bottom right: My dad's parents Evelyn and Harry
Here is a comparison of Evelyn and her maternal Grandma; there are only hints of family resemblance.
All are Evie except the far right, my mother Katrina

The trait we joke about the most that Evie and Chelsea share is their early life baldness.

Evelyn Kay's adorable bald little head, save for her strawberry blond wispies.

Here they are together, Evelyn Kay and her godmother, her Aunt Chelsea, and her godfather, her Uncle Chad. Now that's love!

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