Thursday, August 4, 2011

Genetics, Part 2

About two years ago I posted a photo comparison of myself and my grandmother, my daughter's namesake. Evelyn was my father's mother, may she rest in peace.

Nowadays I ponder the family likeness in my own daughter. Did she inherit any traits of mine? Or any of the woman who gave her the name Evelyn? It's very easy to see her father's genes. In fact when she was born I joked I wanted a DNA test to make sure she was mine since she appeared to looking nothing like me or my family. But as she's grown I see glimmers of my side. So what do you think? Who does Evelyn favor?

Top row: My daughter, myself, my paternal grandmother Evelyn; Bottom: Evie!

She so obviously shares her looks with her Aunt Karen and Dad and their family...

Top row: My niece, Sarah, on my husband's side, Evelyn Kay; Bottom row: Evelyn Kay, Tim my husband and my niece Sarah again, Tim's sister Karen and I (Sarah is Karen's daughter)

Here are the Hande genes at work, the oldest photograph is Recompense Hand, also included is my grandfather Harry, his son Terry, and my cousin Nick.

Left column: My father's brother Terry holding Evie Kay, Recompense Hand, my grandfather Harry, Center: My grandfather Harry as a marine in WWII, Right column: my paternal cousin Nick and my grandfather Harry near the end of his life

Here are some of the Stockings. I sometimes see my Stocking cousins Alex and Megan in Evelyn.

Top left: Evelyn, bottom left maternal cousin Megan; Top right: Stocking cousins, bottom right: Evelyn, Alex and Megan

Top row: My father Ron, my sister Chelsea, my maternal uncle Greg, my maternal uncle Mark, his wife Theresa; Bottom row: My maternal grandmother Helen, my mother Katrina, my aunt Wendy, my cousins Caleb, Alex, Casey, and Megan.

Here is Evelyn Kay and her two grandmothers, paternal Bonnie on the left and maternal Katrina on the right:

And just for fun, the Hande family tradition of bunny ears continues...

Left: my paternal cousin Nick holding Evie Kay, Right: My grandmother Evelyn and my paternal great aunt Delorise

Post update: The saga continues with Part 3

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