Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby's First Cold

Evelyn Kay saw Dr. O today for her six month check-up. Incidentally she's also winding down her first cold virus. It's so disconcerting to not know how to help your baby when she's not feeling her best. Evie really hasn't been that bothered by it except when she first wakes. She also woke up vomiting two mornings. The post-nasal drip is what really has been bothering her. Here is the advice Dr. O gave for the cough and post-nasal drip:

  • Wait it out, a cough longer than a week see the physician, but sometimes colds linger in babies.
  • Steam from a steamy bathroom, warm bath, steam vaporizer (but skip the cough suppressant additives with camphor because what little coughing she's doing is helpful to get up the phlegm).
  • Hydrate! Don't substitute water for breastmilk unless baby is overheated.
The vomiting is what worried me the most, he said it was most likely the post-nasal drip and mucous. For younger babies he said you can elevate their mattress, but for wiggly older babies like her she'll most likely move around and defeat the incline.

On a side note, yes, I am behind on pictures. More to come eventually...

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