Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Booby Talk - Breast Pumps

Yes, we moms that breastfeed our babies actually pump the milk out of ourselves using newfangled contraptions called breast pumps. Granted we've been milking cows this way for quite awhile. I'm not going to lie, the first time I sat down to pump it really was odd feeling. But, nowadays it is a fact of life...a fact of life four times a day.

Any break I get I pump the boobies. Yeah, you, taking cig breaks, enjoy it.

New moms that plan, or possibly plan on returning to work or bottle feeding breast milk at some point should become proficient pumpers well before the goal date. I only started a couple weeks ahead of time and wish I'd started much earlier to help increase milk flow.

"Baby beer bong" - Friends
Here's what I've learned:

  • Learn how to pump early in infancy
  • Even if you get just an extra ounce after a feeding you can freeze that for a return to work stash
  • Pumping after feedings can help increase milk supply
  • Pump frequently, try to match your baby's schedule
  • For some reason cold plastic with no cuteness whatsoever doesn't really stimulate "let-down" so try imagining your baby or looking at his/her picture. 
  • You have to relax to pump effectively, this can be difficult during quick work breaks. Deep breathing and meditative techniques worked for me.
  • Milk your breasts or massage them prior to pumping.
  • Have extra parts! It's awful if you break something and can't pump.
  • Used pumps are OK, just be wary of the previous owner's sanitation, take care to sanitize the equipment before use, get your own disposable supplies.
  • Pump on both sides, then as the milk slows pump just one side, massage as you pump then switch sides. Pump at least 2-5 minutes after the last drop is expressed. 
  • Don't leave milk in your breasts, this will trick your body into thinking the demand is lowered and supply will decrease
  • It's all about supply and demand
There's so much more, but that's all for today. I leave you with some Evie Kay updates:

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