Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Month Into This

Here is my theory – since there is no February 31st Evelyn will remain a newborn forever because she can’t possibly turn one month old.

Fact is no matter what way you figure it Evie Kay is one month old now. Monday she turned four weeks old and at 11:38pm I gave her a special celebratory kiss on one of her preciously round cheeks. In ways it is hard to believe it has been this long and in other ways it is hard to believe it has been this short of a time!

She’s napping now and watching her sleep I realize just how much she’s grown. She’s so much more aware of her world. I, however, feel like I’m still fumbling through motherhood. The Husband and I talked briefly this morning while he took a quick break at work and he said I’m a great mother and he’s so thankful. It felt so wonderful to have him acknowledge all the hard work. At first I told him not to thank me because I take care of Evie not for thanks but out of love, but then I told him never mind and to never stop thanking me because his appreciation warms my heart in ways beyond just love.

For the past month I’ve spent my days savoring this tiny little human that somehow I birthed. Watching her come into her own astounds me and no doubt will continue to capture my heart all the days remaining of our lives. With that said I must rush off to watch this gorgeous daughter of mine sleep.

I leave you with a video a few days ago of her doing just that.

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