Monday, September 20, 2010

Hi My Name Is

So, I've begun writing this at 8:52 p.m and that means in 36 hours and 28 minutes we will know if The Baby is a girl or a boy. I've never been one to think gender is the end all be all of identity, but since it is one of the only defining things of our baby until sometime in early February 2011 I've never been so excited to learn something so simple.

Then again it isn't so simple is it? We, I mean women, like to think gender isn't a defining thing. I like to think I'll let my little boy play with Barbies if he wants and my little girl play with her Daddy's firetrucks if she wants; but I know without even realizing it we as parents will contribute some sort of gender role stereotypes in our child's life.

On top of that we have to name the kid too.

Do you realize how heady that is? Naming someone?!

We're going to be setting the stage for every thing from her/his nicknames to her/his chances of landing a job interview.

I've started this long list of possibilities. However, we've had some names in mind for quite awhile. And by Wednesday we should be able to cut the list in half!

After considering THE NAME for awhile I've come up with an idea of what characteristics the name should have. First, I want it to be pronounceable. I've gone through my whole life correcting the way people say my name; trust me it is important. Second, it has to be spellable. Yep, I've had to spell my name my whole life, too. Third, it has to be classic but fairly uncommon and not trendy. Fourth, it has to honor our family histories in some way. Fourth, I'd prefer it not to be a long name like our last name, so either one or two syllables.

Our top picks have been in our heads for several years. We're leaning towards Evelyn for a girl and Andrew for a boy. I've wanted to name a boy after my maternal grandfather, Andrew, since I was a child. I've never really imagined having a son and not naming it Andrew. But, my sister-in-law confused that decision when she named my adorable nephew, Tim's mini-me, Andrew. No one has used Evelyn yet. We like that name because it honors two of our grandmothers. We'd call Evelyn Evie for short.

One of the other naming schemes is to use a form of my namesake's and my name. I was named after my Grandma Helen. My name of course is Elena. So, I'm thinking of naming either a boy or girl using the same meaning or "El---."

I'm curious to hear readers' input on these lists. They're not in any particular order after the first name on each list. Keep in mind the middle name is already chosen, the details are in this blog post.

Here is the partial list of boys' names that we're considering:
  1. Andrew/Drew
  2. Elliot
  3. Elijah/Eli
  4. Ethan
  5. Harrison
  6. Harold/Harry
  7. Isaac
  8. Jude
  9. Lincoln
  10. Lindell
  11. Marlow
  12. Painter
  13. Quinn
  14. Tate
  15. Wyatt
  16. Zane
  17. Landon
  18. Nash
  19. Obadiah
  20. Bailey
  21. Abbott
  22. Rock
And the girls' names in the running are:
  1. Evelyn
  2. Helen/Helene/Helena
  3. Adelle
  4. Ella
  5. Elle
  6. Elliott
  7. Audrey
  8. Beatrix
  9. Isabel
  10. Brigid
  11. Drew
  12. Adelaide
  13. Aidan
  14. Elenora (Ellie/Nora)
  15. Andrea
  16. Annabelle
  17. Cecilia
  18. Emma
  19. Hadley
  20. Katherine/Katerina
  21. Marie
  22. Phoebe
  23. Quinn
  24. Abbott/Abby
So, to check one of my criterion I've used the Social Security Administration's database on baby names to check their popularity to make sure the name isn't too trendy. See, the government is good for some things. You can search the SSA database yourself here.

So, even though I've loved Isabel/bella for a long time and the fact that it is a family name I fear she'd be in class with a bunch of Twihards' kids. Isabella was the most popular baby girl name of 2009.

(P.S. Guess the U.S. is Team Jacob? The #1 male name of 2009 is Jacob).

Now, another one of the criteria is a classic name, in other words a name that has aged well. So, I looked up 1911's top baby names. In case you're not following the timing, 1911 is 100 years prior to our due date. Really I know you're not that stupid, kind readers. I just like to point out how clever I am.

Guess what? Two of our boy name picks and three of our girl name picks made the list of the most popular 1911 names.

On an unrelated note...oh, who am I kidding? Of course this is Baby related, too!

Wednesday is the day we find out which of these lists we can eliminate entirely. If you want on the email list for Baby Spam send me a message with your email address. We're considering a mass mailing Wednesday night to let every one except my parents know if it is a boy or girl. Here's the deal, though. My parents can't find out the sex! They want to be surprised. So you'll be sworn to absolute secrecy.

Mmm, tasty Baby Spam.

So, what do you think about the name ideas lovely readers, family, and friends? Any favorites?

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