Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Love My Baby Pie

So, I've been an awful blogger lately. But, I've not lost sight of my literary goals. I've been writing and continue to read voraciously, just haven't been blogging. One of the best ideas I've appropriated for my pregnancy is to write to the baby, à la The Waitress.

On a side note this is one of the best movies ever made. You won't catch me hating my baby, but there are some days I might just make a "I Hate My Husband Pie." There are days that he's in his two-job-haze and just totally slacks on being an expecting daddy. Granted I can't blame him. Seventeen plus hour days aren't exactly conducive to remembering to hold a door open for your pregnant wife or that your goddamn cigarettes make her sick to her stomach. This second job has got to go! Especially considering we're paying it all back in taxes.

I've been writing Dear Baby letters in this lovely little journal. I've come to realize it is very difficult for me to write on paper; typing is so much easier. I've learned so much more of course. I've learned that I can't find the words to tell this little baby how much I love it. I'm trying though. Even The Daddy has written a little love letter too. 

I'm also keeping a pregnancy journal keeping track of all the little details of pregnancy from all the test results, appointments, how I'm feeling each day, and the strange little symptoms. I'm using The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer by Heidi Murkoff. It's absolutely perfect for a planner and list-maker like me.

 I've also been reading some great and some not-so-great pregnancy books. I read constantly and have over-saturated my brain with baby lit. So, this weekend I grabbed some novels at the library. I've already finished them all.  It was great to read something unrelated to my lady bits. Next post I'll list the books I've put on my mommy-to-be-bookshelf with mini-reviews. I'm interested to hear what friends and readers have read and suggest also.

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