Monday, February 8, 2010

We Now Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know I've not been blogging recently. Life has been too busy to take time to write. We enjoyed a lovely vacation visit home in Tennessee, then threw ourselves into work. The past few weeks have been especially crazy.

Smokey, a beloved childhood pet passed away. He was my sister's cat, and the adopted brother of my Toby. He was a gigantic gray tabby with an even larger heart. He was a happy, loving cat. I can still hear his purr and his soft fur. He was well loved and will be very missed.

The roller coaster of emotions was only beginning with the loss of Smokey Blue, though. I spent an amazing weekend in Columbus (Westerville for locals) shopping with my sister for her wedding dress. It was an ecstatically happy day with tears of joy. I kid you not I cried out of happiness for Chelsea.

The wedding date is set - August 7th, 2010! Here is a preview of one of their engagement pictures.

Back to the dress story. Here is how it happened...

First stop was a bridal store packed with other brides, a million sales people, and harsh sales tactics. Chelsea found a dress she really liked but we left after the sales tactics scared us away.

At the next store we found a true atelier. Chelsea was helped by the owner who is a designer and restorer. She found several dresses to try. While she was being fitted for some Katy (the best friend) and I were shopping and we both liked a certain dress, but decided a certain Chelsea wouldn't like a certain feature. (Certain feature not disclosed to avoid disclosure to The Groom).

Well, along comes Mom and she also likes the dress. BUT, Mom, the ever-wonderful, makes Chelsea try it. Chelsea, who isn't known for liking to try things (though she is better than she was) didn't like it and begrudgingly agreed to try it on despite that certain feature that shall remain nameless.

It was The One. Yep, the dress she didn't even want to try was The One!

So, that's the story of how Mom picked out Chelsea's wedding dress that she almost didn't try.

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