Monday, February 8, 2010


The roller-coaster continued in the early morning of Sunday January 31st. Tim woke me in the wee hours of the morning to tell me his Granny passed away in her sleep. So, instead of spending the remainder of the weekend in Columbus for MOH festivities I headed back to Cleveland to grab Tim, do laundry, pack, then head right back down 71 (past Columbus) to Tennessee. We had the visitation on February 3rd, the anniversary of my Grandma Helen's passing, then the funeral on February 4th. The family got a bunch of pictures to me and I made this video for her memorial.

While I scanned all of these old photographs and put together the video I was surrounded by my sister-in-law, Karen, and her family. I saw Granny in their faces and smiles. The work helped me keep it together instead of slipping into my own mourning.

Just below the surface I was holding back tears for my own Grandmother. I still miss her every single day, try to call her, and remember the day the lake froze and I lost her like it was yesterday. Here's the blog post if you want to go back in time in my memories. But somehow, I managed to hold it together.

The visitation and service were both wonderful. So many family members and old friends came together to remember Granny. The Husband saw family he hadn't seen in decades and feuding families were sitting together chatting.

Granny was a person that exuded happiness. She smiled a smile that so big you thought she might explode and her blue eyes always shined with joy. My sister, Karen, smiles like her sometimes. I used to think, "Oh, that's just Karen."

Then I met Granny and I realized where Karen got that monstrous happy smile.

Nothing got Granny down either. She'd been through a lot in life, but you'd never know it.

I was fortunate enough to know her for a couple years before she started going senile. The past few times we saw her she didn't recognize us and always thought The Husband was her son, not her grandson, and she never knew what to make of me.

This last visit over New Years she knew us both. She couldn't get enough of Tim. The last set of pictures of Granny in the nursing home with Tim are from our last visit.
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The funeral services were done by another one of her grandsons, Johnny McCartney. I couldn't help but think she must be so proud of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as I looked around the room. Then at that moment I found the silver lining. Yes, it was very hard to say goodbye to her, to bring up my own grief, to watch the pain in The Husband's eyes. But, then I looked deeper and saw them just happy to see each other.

I hope we all learn a lesson in times like these and learn to make time for our family. We shouldn't see each other just at weddings and funerals.

Anyhow, watch the video and remember Granny for us. Say a little prayer if you do such things.

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