Saturday, December 5, 2009

Uh Oh

I feel as though I've been caught doing something very bad.

Readers, we have a visitor, and I hope a new reader. My Mom, the technological wizard, was cleaning out months of email and I suppose curiosity finally got the best of her. She finally clicked the link in my email signature to my blog. What she thought all the random, witty (if I say so myself) titles were prior to today I'll never know.

Anyhow, she opened an email that linked to a post of one of my favorite nights in recent history. Surprise, surprise she found two years worth of bad, bad blog posts by Yours Truly.

Now the scary thing is about all this is that I don't hold much back when writing this blog. I've not read through all these posts, but I imagine there were some things here she didn't know and things that might upset her.


Shhh. I'm a little bit happy she finally found The Blog. I have to say I mostly write for me, but sometimes I write with family in mind. Sometimes I even write things here that I can't seem to say to Mom. You know, the hard stuff? I started looking back through some of the post titles tonight and realized sometimes I even write in celebration of her and her musical discoveries. It's no secret to those who know us that we're too much alike to the point that sometimes we don't quite get along.


My mom is, well, my MOM. No, she didn't have cookies waiting for us freshly baked when we came home from school. But, you know what? She's there when it counts. She's there in her witty, sarcastic, and a tad bit prickly way. You know, like me? You know what? We had those Full House style heart to hearts when it mattered, she's championed me even when she didn't understand me, and she even mustered to crank out a few cookies.


Oh, boy I'm still scared? Why OH why do I have to write? This is going to get me in trouble.

Screw it.

Welcome to our new esteemed reader, IRS Analyst, MILF, creative inspiration, and all-around-great-lady, my Mom.

Round of blogapplause.

(This picture is actually from this recent Thanksgiving. Mom is actually baking with the Cha Cha's!)

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