Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm Home for Christmas

It isn't a white Christmas, and in fact it is rather drearily gray. But, I'm here, at HOME in Nashville with my family. Driving down the ridge into the valley of middle Tennessee, into the little, big town nestled into the green hills I realized just how much I miss home.

Batman looked lonely to me; maybe I was just lonely for Batman. The city somehow looks smaller, too.

We ate really late and didn't get to presents until late afternoon. The man who asked we didn't get him anything got the most presents. Keep in mind my father, the man in question, is over 50. My mom got him Sean John jeans and a shirt. My Dad looks cooler than The Husband or any kid under 30. In fact he looked pretty darn cute.

All the girls got scarves.

Oh, and we got a Wii. This is the first Nintendo I've had in my life. I was born in the 80's and never really played video games. I never really understood the draw until I got to play a Wii. It is just darn fun.

Now we're all gathered around the Titans game.

Oh, and dinner? My mom is a great cook. Earlier we were talking to the neighbor about the menu and Mom said, "We're having turkey and ham."

My dad said, "And ham."

So, I guess we're having turkey, ham, and ham.

All I can say is I'm thankful beyond words to be home with family.

What could be better this? Home in Nashvegas with my awesome family including my little sis'! We got a Wii and the Titans on TV. My Dad is wearing P. Diddy and the wine is making me giddy.

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