Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orange Push Pop

I'm home sick today and taking a break from working from home. I'm doing anything to soothe my crackly throat.

My regimen so far has been constant cough drops, pseudophed, Tylenol, and saltwater gargling.

Well, I was still miserable so moved onto the freezer contents. Thanks to The Husband I have gloriously cold and soft push pops. Now, I'd love to have a fruit Popsicle instead, but I'm not picky. So, here I am out on the deck trying to enjoy the fall air before it becomes frigid. I'm pushing up my push pop and LeLe, the maniacal cat jumps up onto the railing to try to partake in the frozen treat.

Did I mention we live on the second story?

So, I moved my little break and my little daredevil back into the living room.

Moral of the story? When enjoying ice cream or Popsicles do this indoors so the crazy cat doesn't use one of her nine lives.

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