Saturday, October 24, 2009

Attention Readers:

Okay, I'm still debating on whether or not to post this, but here goes.

If you follow my measly meanderings here on my little blog why don't you follow? I'd love to know who actually likes my writing.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed this blog post from a friend today, an old friend who is now The Gothic Mommy. I think those of us blogging about real life instead of say celebrities and design are overlooked. I admit I love those design blogs. I have an true addiction to Apartment Therapy and Making It Lovely. But, this is real folks.

We're not here writing for some self-absorbed fascination in ourselves. We're just writing to record our lives and our feelings, to have a voice, and to sort out our own thoughts. Frankly, sometimes this is how I deal. If I hadn't written the post the other day about work the other day I probably would've opened up my mouth to the wrong people and been out of A Job.

I used to keep my little journal to myself, but a certain friend told me it was funny and he wanted to read more. And so here I am.

Voyeuristic to read these? Yes. But, I don't mind. I know some of my family reads, but my family isn't this big. So, who else is reading?

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  1. thanks for the comments and mention hon. i really do love and appreciate the fact that you keep up with me. and i adore keeping up with you. i agree, we seem to live parallel lives with crossover thoughts streaming between us. amazing how we became friends based on a mutual morbid sense of humor and how life tracks us still in that sense. Good to know i'm not alone in using my brain :) hang in there chick and maybe we'll both find that shining ray of light someday. psychic hugs!