Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm a barrel of lonely laughs and my cat stole my ice cream

I'm too tired to have any structure to this tonight.

Today was strange.

I worked late last night so I started the day off ti-i-i-red, required two cups of Dunkin' Donuts to make it through to lunchtime.

Then all h-e-double hockey sticks erupted. There was a parade (the unfun kind without streamers) of old people, random walk-in patients, and old smelly men making me hold their hands while they try out stools. Yes, stools. Gosh darn freakin' stools. Today was the end of the month, but yet The Boss skips out at 3pm again. Not that I blame him because he is salaried. But, I was stressed and needed something to curse.

Right after the smelly old man came a doctor, then, oh damnit, I've lost track.

I didn't put in too much overtime tonight, just enough to track down patients with no working phone numbers.

Long rainy commute home. Saw the first break in the clouds in four days.

Alas, the mostly cloudy blustery skies were dark once home.

Got home too late to cook. Ha, like I cook.

Ate too many wings for dinner. Can you tell it was the Hubs' pick?

Relished Glee. I admit it I sing along.

Realllly relished 1/4 of a container of Haagen. As a result I have cat claw scratches on my hands from fending off my neurotic LeLe that thinks ice cream is a kitty's primary food group.

Relented and gave her two spoonfuls.

Wondering if too much dairy is going to hurt her?

Realized, aw shnikies, I had every intention of accomplishing something tonight, but it is almost bedtime and guess what? Nothing accomplished.

Choked back a tear at the CleveLAND weather forecast. Freeze warnings?!?!

Looked at the dishes and decided to blog instead.

Blogged (see the above, oh, and the below).

Caught my ever-adorable-supersweet-inspiring-little-sister on Google chat. Pathetically told her I'm a barrel of lonely laughs. She helped me quickly get it back together.

Our final "goodnights" took three minutes. We are such girls. But, it was the best three minutes of my day...

Sissy: I LOVES YOU!!!


me: I loves you too! XOXOXOXO


Sissy: XOXOXOXOXOXO times a million!!!!!!!!!1

10:45 PM me: I'm glad I caught you. I'm going to finish thsi bad bad blog post and go to beddie bye

tuck tuck? kiss kiss?

Sissy: same! LOVE YOU....sleep well..tuck tuck and great BIG hug around the neck!!!!!!!!!1


me: sniffles! miss ya so much!

Sissy: ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1

me: night

10:46 PM Sissy: NIGHT SISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

BUuuuuUUUFFYyy! ;)

me: oh no!

yeah, I just said that aloud

Sissy: haha..thats an oldie .....

me: couldn't help myself

Sissy: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

me: but a gooodie

Sissy: i did too!!!!!!!!!!1

true true!

me: two peas

Sissy: i suck at typing tonight

in a pod

10:47 PM me: yep, you're tired

Sissy: i know

k night for real!

me: nigh! :)

Sissy: LOVE YOU...sleep well night night sissy!!

Yes, I know you probably didn't understand our inside jokes. But that is perfectly fine by me, I just wanted to remember these three minutes.

So, good night to all of you.

And to The Sissy, tuck tuck, kiss kiss.

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