Monday, August 31, 2009

Pandora's heart shaped box

I'm not so sure this is a box that I want to open, but I'm pretty sure I can't continue onto the next step in life without opening this box.

My sister-in-law, AKA one of the greatest friends of a lifetime, had to experience heartbreaking tragedy to climb out of the box that had constrained her life. We had a discussion on my own little box that I have to break out of to escape this stagnancy, but like any big sister she provided no clues. She couldn't even tell me the color of my mysterious box.

Well, I have a feeling this blasted little box isn't gift-wrapped and it certainly isn't tied with a neat little bow. Worse yet, I need a bodily transformation into Indiana Jones to tolerate this quest into the depths of my fragmented mind.

I like to imagine it is a little unassuming trinket box, aqua, satin lined, heart-shaped. Truth is, it is probably blood red and lined with shark teeth.

I've pondered long enough what it looks like, tried to put an image to my nemesis. But, I just can't seem to define what it is that is holding back my life.

Yes, I work a lot. Yes, my family is all far, far away. Yes, I struggle to focus on creative efforts. These are the things that make me most unhappy. There has to be a solution to this somewhere, but my oh my, I do believe the key is locked inside the box. There is a secret solution to this puzzle.

Hints anyone?

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