Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good books, cuddling, Andy Warhol, Jack and Cokes, Thai food, Watermelon Mint Mojitos, Good Flick and the Bad Bad Browns

Saturday was a great day! I spent the morning curled up with a good book, James Rollins' The Last Oracle, in the sun with my girls. Then we headed to the Reinberger Gallery at CIA to see the Andy Warhol exhibit (which ends today). The show had an amazing grouping of prints from the latter part of his life including works from the "Myth" series and the "Cowboys and Indians" series. These prints were extremely polished and well executed. It is so inspiring to see work from the end of an artist's life, to see how skilled they've become. The themes and some of the motifs are still stuck firmly in my head.

I snuck in my camera (not difficult) and surreptitiously snapped these pictures. On the ride to University Circle Tim had me give him the crash course on Andy Warhol. Tim knew he was gay, about the time he worked, and his celebrity lifestyle, and not much more. Although, he did surprise me by knowing one of his works, the Campbell Soup series of course. Still, impressive that Tim knows these things. He's full of surprises. I filled him in on his backround (Slovak like me) and key points in his career such as The Factory. This led to an interesting discussion regarding art and commodity. Again, Tim can be full of surprises. He's a working class man with an intellectual heart.

In fact sometimes he's more observant than me. He noticed that the majority of the prints in the exhibition were the 111th of each series. Curious. Anyone know why?

At any rate, flip through the photographs to see the exhibit. Click here for a discussion between CIA's Bruce Checefsky and the collectors.

We then tried to head to Presti's in Little Italy, but were thwarted by throngs headed to the Festival. Alas, I don't like crowds, so instead we drove around Cleveland Heights a bit to enjoy the lovely old houses then headed down to Cedar and Lee.

We had drinks (Jack and Cokes) at The Pub on Lee (way over priced by the way) then had a lovely dinner at Lemongrass. I've been jonesing for Thai and Timmy had this planned for weeks he said.

I had Panang curry with salmon and a watermelon mint mojito. Tim tried their Pad Thai. Alas, he was jealous of my curry and wished he'd gotten his usual. Still, their Pad Thai was well above par. Let me just say I haven't found a Thai place at all on the level with what can be found at home in Nashville.

On the way home we stopped for dessert, lovely cakes at Bubba's Q in Avon. Yes, their barbecue is great, but their cakes and desserts are better than any bakery or restaurant around here. I still haven't finished my strawberry chiffon cake. Trust me though, Tim polished off his peanut butter chocolate pile o' cake quickly. Chocolate is not safe around this man.

Thoroughly stuffed we finally headed home. Then we watched The Soloist. I highly recommend the film and we both really enjoyed Jamie Foxx's performance. There is a Cleveland connection as well! But, you have to watch to see...

After that great day Tim had to put on the Browns. Blech blech blech.

Gosh do we miss the Titans.

Parts of this day made us homesick and nostalgic. Being at CIA was thoroughly depressing. I still feel I was duped into coming here for school and wasted enormous amounts of money all for naught. The Jack Daniels made me miss Nashville. The Thai food made me miss Nashville. The Browns made me miss the Titans.

I'm desperately trying to find a reason to account for our time in Cleveland. Why, Ohio, why?

Andy Warhol Exhibit, Reinberger Gallery, CIA 081509

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  1. Ha, maybe I should change that to read "Tim knew Andy Warhol was gay," not " Tim knew he was gay." I have a feeling he may read that and be a little concerned.