Friday, August 7, 2009

Attention: Annoying, Needy, Micromanaging, Bi-polar, High Person

Suck it!

You called me 23 times between 1:13pm and 4:58pm today. In between you had me chasing down labs and your doctor.

I am not you doctor, I am just your home medical equipment provider. You cannot have oxygen just because you want it. It is a drug. A doctor has to prescribe it.

And guess what? Medicare has rules. They have these rules to make sure the system isn't bilked and defrauded. Oh, and to make sure people don't get medical equipment and drugs they don't need. A room air SpO2 above 90% does NOT mean you need oxygen.

It means you're doing pretty well in the world.

Oh, and guess what else? I'm pretty sure that maybe your physician won't call you back because you've been harassing his staff all day, too.

One final thing, you know what's the worst part of you wasting my day?

I could have been helping patients who really needed the help.

I actually screamed out loud today. I'm not an angry person. I bought a 6 pack of Miller Chill. I'm not a drinker.


  1. some people push the boundaries of any sane person's patience. Just think how that person's family feels. its no wonder they have to bother other people! either way you are stronger woman than i hon. just hang on to ur loving heart!

  2. Update on this...

    Same person has invaded my weekend by harassing the on-call service technician who has in turn harassed me three times so far this weekend.