Monday, May 18, 2009


I just added an old college friend to Facebook. They say curiosity killed the cat, well it certainly killed my appetite.

Do you really need to broadcast your parent's careers, vehicles, and entire résumé on FACEBOOK? If you were doing so well as a pastry chef/caterer would you really need to network? Oh, and I do appreciate food more than most, but posting pictures of your creations is LAME. Even lamer when they suck.

The picture selection includes carefully edited snapshots from around the world with contrived descriptions such as:
  • "They spend all winter golfing" - a picture of her parents
  • "At the ---- property, the wealthiest family in Australia" - a picture of her on a four wheeler
It goes on, but I can't bear anymore. Perhaps because I grew up in the kind of town that feeds this it doesn't surprise me. But having lived my life as a poor schmuck mostly in Cleveland for the past few years I just can't stomach it anymore.

Get a life people.

Wow, that was a really hateful rant. But, so true.

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