Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, so I have a new goal. I'm going to make it official by telling the world (ahem, okay the 5 people who care).

My goal is to finish this gosh darn novel and have an agent pitching it to publishers by 2014. I figure five years is realistic, but then again I am The World's Biggest Procrastinator.

So I wrote one and threw it away (well, deleted the files). The first one was crap and I never intend for it to see the light of day. I'm having a hard time with this one. It's the same basic idea, just re-worked. I'm thinking I need to start fresh, though, and toss this concept for awhile.

Artistically, it's so hard to toss an idea, set the canvas aside, re-gesso.

But, perhaps here I go? Any advice out there, artists?

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