Monday, May 18, 2009

Coldplay - Left Right Left Right Left

For the past two days I've been listening to Coldplay's new release, their live album Left Right Left Right Left, available FREE on their website for a limited time.

I love Coldplay, but I was slightly disappointed by Viva la Vida (the album). This live album recording during their current tour reminds me again how much I love Chris Martin and company.

I can compartmentalize the accusations of plagiarism, because their sound is totally original.

Listen to how long Chris Martin holds that note at the end of 42. Wow.

Clocks is of course beautiful per the usual, practiced flawlessness. Strawberry Swing is entirely happy and shh, don't tell but I clapped along.

There are happy surprises such as lyric changes, and the haunting melody change at the end of The Hardest Part.

I was sick of Viva la Vida (the song), but now I have fallen back in love.

Then there is Fix You.

Fix You is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded by Coldplay, terribly appropos to my place in life, and refreshingly optimistic. Why people insist this is a sad song is beyond me. It is truly uplifting.

These recordings make me happy. The best part is that it is good live music. I'm so often disappointed with live recordings, they usually show how well produced a band is rather than how talented they are.

This live album divulges no bad musicians, no bad performances. I can't wait to see them on their tour. They're coming to the area in early June. Anyone willing to donate to the cause or at least join me? (Contingent upon the hubby giving into my pleading).

On a side note, check out the faces on the butterfly.

Whoah oh woah oh.
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