Tuesday, April 7, 2009

God must think she's funny

The husband and I went out for a date this past weekend. We went out for dinner (oh so unusual for our state of affairs). Whilst wasting away of starvation waiting for 40 minutes we both thought (though didn't vocalize to each other) that the Almighty was taunting us.

Our plan was to pop the first kid by the time the husband turned 30. Well, guess what? He's 31 as of March 9th.

Oh, and the closest thing to kids are the cats. No, not pregnant either. So, we're a tad behind schedule. It's been a sensitive issue. Screw schedules.

Well, while waiting to be seated every single family (3) that sat across from us had a baby! Cute babies, too. I only made eye contact with one of them once.

Stupid babies.

On another topic, we've been stressed lately. The husband has become Mr. Cranky Pants. The husband has been working two jobs for over a year averaging 60-80 hours/week. He works 8am-midnight and is a zombie. Now I drag around a big slimy guilt elephant. But I still can't stop making fun of him for his ridiculous catchphrases. I'm a horrible wife. Here's a taste of his gems:
  • "Rolling heavy"
  • "Rolling hard"
  • "Don't get sand in your pu$$y"
  • "Little bit pitchy, dawg"

On yet another topic...I have no idea how to handle this one. My dad "retired" (i.e. took a GM buyout) last Wednesday. I'm pretty sure the parents will sell the family homestead soon. I wish I could comfort him through this but he's all they way down in Nashvegas and then headed to Hotlanta for Easter with Mom.

Silver lining of the week? I have Good Friday off work to go see my darling little sister for girl time, lacrosse games (in the snow?!), and maybe even some old-fashioned arts and crafts.

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