Saturday, January 17, 2009

It only took me 17 days to come up with a New Year's Resolution

I hate resolutions, particularly those that attack in January.

Alas, one bubbles in my brain stew.

I've been stagnant for oh, two years now? Maybe three. I'm not going to dwell on recalling the facts of my recent life.

Maybe I should.

2000 - I graduated high school and headed off full of dreams to college

May 2002 - I left a good college to get married

Summer 2002 - I moved to western TN. Piddled at a crap school, waiting for the fall wedding. Actually lived with my in-laws for about a month.

October 12ish, 2002 - my husband-to-be lost his job

October 26, 2002 - I got married

October 27, 2002 - We moved to Nashville and moved in with MY parents

Winter 2002 - moved out of parents' house

2002-2004 - Various dead-end sales jobs, lived in a crappy one bedroom apartment

July 2005 - Moved to Cleveland to start art school

August 2005 - Husband joined me

Fall 2005 - First semester of art school. Learned at orientation my program had been totally redefined. Learned the school funding was a tad low.

Spring 2006 - Really wanting to stay in art school, dreams dashed when not enough scholarships could be found to continue to the next year. Won a few awards at art school. Begged, pleaded. Couldn't find any more money.

August 2006 - Withdrew from art school officially before the next semester started, floundered for a month

September 2006 - Took a temp part-time filing job with my husband's company

December 2006 - Took a full-time permanent position as a patient coordinator at the company

2006-Present (January 2009) -Worked tirelessly, over-performing, received only one raise, no promotions despite promises. All life consumed by work. Laden by debt. Eating ramen. Two bags of ramen left with 6 days to payday. No hope.

Ha, now I can't even bare to discuss my resolution. But here it is.

Rediscover dreams, create goals, find something to utilize my potential. Find hope.

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